Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC
Certified Public Accountants and Advisors

IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services

Our technology services are intended to assist you in identifying and organizing the information imperative to your business, safeguarding information from unauthorized access, and restoring that information in the event of a disaster.

For more information about the IT consulting services we provide, please contact Anthony Workman.

Computer Controls Review

A computer controls review is a review of general and application controls over your organization’s network. The review can include an assessment of such network aspects as physical access to hardware and programs, security rights, and password policies.

Penetration Testing

Knowing that something may be vulnerable is different from knowing that something is vulnerable. Penetration testing determines if the vulnerabilities can be taken advantage of and result in the loss of confidentiality, availability, or integrity. These tests are all technical in nature and tend to relieve or confirm concerns about your security.

Network Design and Support

We provide assistance with the design and installation of new systems or the assessment and upgrade of existing systems, as well as technology support to supplement your existing capabilities.

Social Engineering

The people who use technology are often the weakest link in your security system. These tests are specifically configured to the client and its expected/desired employee behavior.

Network Security Review

The security for your network is examined during a network security review. It includes review of the settings in firewalls, routers, servers, and PCs. It provides specific recommendations for improvements to your security vulnerabilities in order to reduce your overall risk.

System Needs Analysis

A system needs analysis provides an evaluation of a system’s infrastructure needed to achieve a particular objective.